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Coach Carol Davis

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Coach Carol Davis Life Coaching

I LOVE people, and seeing them succeed in their life. Really, I do. That's because I see the good in people and more importantly, their potential in being their best, and feeling their best.  My job is helping you create success in your life.  With a background as a credentialed teacher in education, a successful sales agent in the field of Real Estate (definitely a plus for those individuals who need Coach Carol Davis real estate coaching), a professional pianist, a mom of a terrific daughter, and a devoted spiritual being- with all that being said - leads us together to a path of getting the goals completed.  I do know that every great outcome--of YOUR SUCCESS--is the sign that we've done our job right.  Life Coach training is what makes the positive difference in so many lives on this planet.   I CREATED THE MAGIC RED PEN METHOD OF SUCCESS.  IT IS A TRULY UNIQUE TECHNIQUE THAT HAS WORKED  HUNDREDS OF TIMES !!!!!!!

The process is EASY as we work together to explore and identify your needs. Typically we share this information by a simple phone call.  Starting with an initial session of 30 minutes, we work on figuring out what you want, and create the plan.  We will implement the actions necessary to make better HEALTH, WEALTH &  HAPPINESS begin.  Life Coaches are great in removing BLOCKS that are preventing people from their own Success.  A block can prevent you from getting what you want.  I am trained to remove BLOCKS and help YOU achieve your success.  Just this one item can turn your life around.  I know from my own personal experience of having a Block removed.  That, combined with my unwavering commitment to you, results in an positive experience.  It's very likely that you will immediately feel at ease during our initial consultation.  A few follow-up sessions will insure that our plan of action has positive results. Coach Carol Davis Life Coaching is exactly what will help change you for the better.